1-40 Winter Arrives (Edited)

Poem for the Season Winter Arrives1) Waking up to grey cloudy morn, drain & dire

Whinny droplets patter in random, thoughts fleet & flute

Plodding to the kitchen, where set unto the fire,

Hermitage of this chanced kingdom, I set afoot
2) Settling for the TV, consumed with news disconsolate

Ho! Hum, this November morning insular pray

Papers bade with more of what’s gone & fore

Reaching for the key board, t’is more & more
3) Change & chance cast aside, where arth thus forsight whinny

The voice tinny, tiresome oft and future to my ears bade

What were I too the upended city in sodded, grime, in its forsooth sway 

But then caution caution, some germane words do arrive & some have never go away
4) I settle onto the couch, rays awade, bits & bytes digest, in a slouchy poise 

Aghast, startle, wow, whoo, what, I have been there before in an angst pray

Does it all matter where for a thought, Essence of the kitchen meld, tea & toast in a bite divvy

Blimey! neighbors at play were we to tally & boast, the news about fades away
5) Gazing across those putative lines, at the station a bus mulling run

People on the go, whereon life’s moot, in their daily earn

Looking out of their congruent window panes on display, a question put forth to the inner soul

In silence it too watches, as I watch panaches Gordium visages yearning abound
6) But then that fleet footed fear of the dry run in all of us

Caught in twilight of the word having gone away, never to arrive

I shall wait in patience of what was spoken amongst just afore, if it veer this way

Voltage of the bygone verse, sucked into the daily news amaze
8) Year of the Ox for t’was, drawing close. Green, colour of the vale iffen prose.

Why bother ‘ver?, on my rooftop, flakes of white blanket in a shimmer flite 

Be still ye! 

Across the wall my neighbor to his rising sun arose

The eye wander stilt, the snow capped peaks is what my gaze incurs
Be still ye! Thirty feet of snow on my rooftop debond!
9) And If I were to rest in peace, six feet under, awn 

Dawn wings the marauder dreams, again before winter spawn

Augustus or Nigelius, those that shall come this yule & I

Six feet under, over ‘ere rebut, not yet, not yet, the verdun’s onslaught, but in time by & by
10) Drifting to a world of make believe added fairies, elves, woodchucks to the mind’s whorls 

Embellished them in a mist of hewn caves, mauve and stope, in which winged dragon sleeps

And deep in the DeVinny forest lived the crimson lady of her turbid lake

Withheld what the gaze next foretold, in the divining of the ermine strut
11) And thus gave to that kingdom of an unknown liege

Myths & fantasies of this human self, and across the Dorian node untold

For if it were friday the thirteenth or the autumnal Halloween, eerie it not that Grimm 

Heh just eder spin, this corroborating fantasy unfold 
12) Make haste Make haste unto these watchful steps aught the oste break faults or two

Rolling down valley of arcade dreams, glaze of the fading sun aflew

Titters of the osmine flight, faded as they drew astern

Dark peaks too seem to dwaddle, in the salient sleep they knew
And across the vale in twilight’s heft they went to sleep till dawn
13) And thus in that silence of frightful privet, haunt of the endless rive

An overcoat drawn well across, at the tavern door if I retrieve

The glow of well being ooer were to break into a jiggley song

Let the werewolves of the mist, or the coven of wolverine apprise
14) Bait of spirited joust, ill lit by the street lamps hedgehog & the copesthetic louse

Shuffle past nettled hedge, where the rodent swoops to rustle & hoots the vintner house owl

Will the warmth that drew them near, hibernate with what was gathered anon

Rim of the winter’s cold draws near, tightening grip on the summer’s glom
15) This armine morning repeats as if past in a warp re-incarnate

Subtle changes do crop up, hawker of fruits on his Friday rounds

It give another perspective to refractory of thoughts that flit

It’s sunnier across and drawn away across latitude, trajectories ethereal dismissed
16) I but then walk this earth for just a moment in time well distilled.

Let me cheer up, humor, creativity & in myself find….

The hermit chanting upon that ephemeral thread of humour be in kind

In antics of the forbidden, jells daily news or peruse penchant for a surge of dopamine
17) Synapses of the laden, why burden for that fleeting clarity aground

Surrounding oneself in the mad hatter philosophies profound

Alice’s enchanted kingdom, in graven logic curried to the parried self

Ho! Ho! Ho! Found something to do drives that inner ululating pelf.
At last At last I say at last, let the festivity come! 
18) Thus gloom gloom swept away, Santa woke up to the white bearded vaults Ho! Ho Ho!

Seasonal gifts must be impressed, in farther lands Theo’ tempered fires stoke

Fir an Juniper stripped, their soft needles in the gloam hollows out Farmer West

And in the dark forest, bunny the poggy rabbit, digs well to rest
19) Coddling Teddy bereft of honey too burrows deep in snow, lathered in what was mulch & fat

Eerie months shall pass, coddling Teddy’s dreams of salmon spawns & vergent caravans pass

In those hoary days, three Aaron kings looked to the fleeting fall

‘Ere on the flail horizon, trajectories of heaven where withal
20) Something amiss One bearded one, watcher of heaven to himself said

Three in tow, signs to the future, a premise foretold

So set out, where the verdant caravans swayed, to those tinny drums heavens played

News of all that may come to pass, sapient miracle behold
21) Quantumata of an infinity, in connected world scour meta-physical balm

Tapestry of a format that provides enticed space

Needing not be conjoined with umbilical cord of typeset print

The poet never had it ever so good over pen & ink forbodings replayed
It was all that hoary, all that of a King gather unto us
22) Hacking from Webster’s tome, a ecumimical cluster never found

Meshing an enclitic hierarchy of precedence well meant

Vale to rim in sentences vibrant in time, that feeding a need one express

A journey to nature cold bosom will rhyme & theme of his grace embrace
23) In pursuit of dwelling night, twilight of this sunset creeps

In the labyrinth of the winter’s spectrum erring sunlight twitched

Shadows of a libertines the city’s eden, grace summon naught

Segregating those tired affirm and those attired corpulent neons bewitch
24) Smoldering fusion away and away the orb’s duty again yet to be done too set about

Throes from a well fought death, in a manacled snail’s space don

To twinkling of an anointed where enthused from the warmth of summer trolled

They in the cadence of phantasmagoria their rhythms controlled
25) One day we too shall cry for ourselves, as aged in longevity erring watch

In Canaan’s promise long stilted Luuth’s lyre born ”twas said 

If hearth fires or the web of the Kindle chaste embers cower

Fahrenheits adjusted to the aged comfort, and humming generators lumber on
26) Cashmere flocculating shawls or winters clothes of milder mend

Stored Woollies off the cupboard, imbibed with their past trends

A visit to the city center or reach for piked keys and opening of welcoming doors

Abate forthwith or away to coffee house & nuggets germinating of actionable words stillborn
27) Thus in the city, such houses of repute & plod, erudite Voltaire held satire

And vacillating Shakespeare pondered over a Byzantinian pyre

Shackled Joan too dreamed of verses that led her to stake

Har! Har! The inner one chants, to the one enchanted shall slake
28) Balsam swiveled round to the eastern mount as flakes may mire

Hohoho! That harried ass had hurriedly tilled the coniferous tilde

For eponymous sake, arch rival to the armigerous willed

Balsam hurried to the inn door & onto his heather an epode strode
29) Figs & honey, leaven bread, cheese & cherries gathered of aul 

Winter sets in the vintners zest, full blooded musk oh ay bawl

Yet ye of that an fiery have of summer dell, and from deep waters made

Seasons may come, seasons may go innit, that ass in its wizened rake
30) In the deepest recess of southern lands, heard a mighteous roar

The guilde of erogenous lions had gone to nodding shade.

A meek bandy of the veneer across the burning weld

So set out wooded, inlaid in iron, ships

of silver lakes 
31) It was a story long told, In Yuletide to meliorable ears held rapt

Penchant of a green forest!, hearing offa the randy boar’s charge

Into the talan of Snow White, seven Elves barged and belched 

In a manger, would wake to heaven’s epochal oud at last 

King unto others, minstrel of forgotten shall shroud
In the campfire the ergot ridden fey etched away that dark night
32) Thus epochal dawn had arrived, making way for noon’s zenith sprite

Rested at the inn those three kings of a Babylonian plight

Herein & now, to waiting of venerable news of the braw

Ritschlian to a people reive, a giving was overtly wrought
33) Saturday spells & charms, of myriad hues, think home’s the best

At the wall tunneled, cut glass & stones, will smite at the merrying pest

Rats, It’s those rats tunneling deep, warmth of soil eld, said

On the sill a lizard too done deed, towards the meading couch’s head
34) Perhaps a sniffle, t’was last night party & spiced food curried, huii.

“Neighbor done well” t’was my fault with the gusto I took to diee

Rats! The inner one objecting to stale muse of thought imprecise

Unveiling vision of glory so soon settled to enjoy, if ever again
35) The Chairman in his most famous speech once endowed

Rhymes & reason, seasons change. Predictions foreseen come to fault.

The chairman advice induced, inner one chameleon of the rainbows elbowed

Who cares, to town’s pride, in neons light! But then the couch avowed
36) So back unto the couch, here I was all pruned & primed

Lazy wisdom cast a past that was here, & left the cast entire

Having broken often the mold of the inner & in regret of all that went

A dinner of a pizza baked & a coke will suffice sire oh sire?
37) Let the bartender remnant of youth, reminiscent at the pate I hope

Remission to my old willowy self I may well be without

But today may not be the connectual day, where I may or may not shake my leg or two

This weekend’s sole company in front of TV & dwine a cup O’ tea shall do 
38) Legates of that chanced kingdom unto myself recall

Hermitage of arboreal, in past Saturdays nights to his ownself regale

Now it’s better to watch the world twirling on it’s maddening hop a loop 

And know, when all is gone and fecund memories to if Jimmy Bobbed
39) Early morn, in ruptured dawn rebuke, in the swirl of bitten ozone recoup

Expunging brio’s measurement an extant of self, youth’s ever widening gulf

Let the buddy mates eat cake, my aria for thus I in my demeanor upright

Thus pouncing on that lively rebate long sojourned, a dispute interned
40) Golly, Will Pliny’s druids an ergodic portion contrive

Where the rush of the subject hush, this old self reprieve

Yet on this sunday the effervescent din where to invite

In an alternate, Insouciance to the hem, shall woo
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Elaine’s Seasoning (Her Bouquet) Dedicated to His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales #CountrysideWeek

Herein a tale be sung over yeoman’s plight aye, what ale & whisky wont
Brewed from this hearth’s fire wherein. sundered woe & wander strode
Over a cup tilting & unsteady held, be refilled again by any winsome lass
And the lighthouse dimpled beam, mist engulfed over the rivers a foghorn becalls

Elaine had brewed what ye afore have drunk & drunk from casks stitched to hold
Rust of metal rings emeried but left their marks ‘olding unto what was brewed afresh
Rafted in embers red & orange aglow, Tinny of a hommel drone perhaps vite’ froth
Bouquet of acrid spices, essence of turbid oils & bitters daft (draft?)

It was this ‘eady brew patrons often swigged, when through her swinging ‘oors
Lining ‘gainst the long room which held barrels emptied & those full of ‘roth
Musk of melon forget y’ourie or orgulous whey, here ever the rouse may
Brine of her waters, ‘ire of hell & swore, long hungered bellies fay

Was ‘hat ‘umbered place, pummels & ponies, few well muscles steeds tether broch
Wherein lumbering Jacks ‘eary often rest & browsing Willis’ went out to breast
Elaine’s well ‘osomed heart, T’was said held it’s own fire or two
And it was this ‘lace where often, I left my poignancy (poignancies) behind.


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69-73) The Inn. Foibles. Poem for the season Summer Arrives. Fall

69) The day but gone dipping into sunset’s erumpent blaze.
Inasmuch deeds evacuated from marrow’s tethered sweat (chest?).
From visceral twilight starlight wakefull blink
And from haze of turbid mist, neon lit rainbow of a sign-board steeps

70) For that lonely traveler & other raucous bands pushing forth.
Tendrils of chill escaping from winters hydrostructing folds.
Warmth of the vintner’s haven, rustle of footsteps hurried.
Fall of colours in hues of ochre, bluey grey on cobbled streets beneath.

71) That ephemeral watering hole was just a little below level of ground
Therein from upper panes, a tendered glow of pity leapt.
Sloth of a fireplace kindled warmth & fire abegging.
Kindred souls slouched on stools of seated leather & wood ladled feet.

It was a place of burdened lyre, old Jack new once fore.

72) Crimson bricks peeped through fat embered rafters retarding lyme
On whose hearth Welsh timbered beams, pallbearers hung their morbid tales
Pride of curated trophies watched, dimples of life shorn
At vantage points hung, nailed in memoriam of bygone feasts.

73) It was that embed place old Jack often hurried home.
To the wandering stranger yet curious, i’was a hoary country inn
Willful Jack stolen heart never left to flutter thither in
The whisperers: Many a summer hunt, on old Jack takin’ toll.

Chorus: The whisperers: Many a summer hunt, on old Jack takin’ fall.

Chorus repeat: The whisperers: Hunter, gatherer, many a summer hunt, on old Jack takin’ ‘toll.


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Metropolitan New York 9/11 RIP #Never Forget

Awake thy primal valor, to the arms of eternity be called
A decade thou traveled far, yonder in memories avowed
When time came to bid goodbye, thou bade so abrupt
At the memoriam of the dead the letters scroll RIP #neverforget

Cenotaphs shall watch the future

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Song for Africa. Dedicated to Most Honorable President @ClintonHealth

Help, thy knotted bosom in grief shrouded pale
Watchful eyes dim hiding misery & pain
Words may not utter lest lost to indignity foretold
Muteness draws to the hunger, this human self, Help

Help ‘hese laggard footsteps walk on this ground barren bare
Stripped of all bereavements & in brooding emptiness stole
This shriveled bosom may feed no more, but then it swells
Taking breath of each, taking breath, in the taking there’s hope

Awashed lineages of time & history we stood in pride
The ruins of past wilt away & none there may be left
Bearings of savants & saints, will a storm in succor billow
Help & pray, in this act of nature, mercy becomes man


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51) Poem for the season. Summer Arrives

51) Will o wisps of this summer’s burn twirl & into ventricular funnels rise
Dust & debris floats across, scatter of sunlight in pneumochromatic dance
The browning cactii withered stems in misshapen haze on horizon wilt
A bejeweled horny lizard from under & in dance of masquerade quickly darts

52) Bare dunes of sanded earth & towering red cliffs in light ‘n shadows play
This sundial of creation dividing time in it’s ethereal beam convoy
Welcoming the coronal shift across valley’s floor that of this revolving spore
The red sun tilts over ridge & silhouettes within twilight’s sighing grasp (grip?)

53) Over empty cups of grounded coffee nectar hunting Mydas buzz
Two squat & tubular tongues jutting into lemony sweet feathery fuzz
Bliss of warm desert breeze broken of a ragged transistor on the table hiss
From onto aerial catches a wandering cowboy’s dorian doozie miss

54) And ‘ell pruned Kristina hugs unto her meandering rim’s slopey edge,
Where fore high steppin’ prunty were ‘here to miss the crumbly ledge
Brooding Aneyefortexas myriad colors ululate their wavering rustle
And rattler dug deep & in, sleeps in evaporating moisture of desert blush

55) The blue planet’s cradle rocked ever so gently, so setting a chain
Swells from depths, crackle at the mountain top
Heather gathering silt in shades of blue & green, a stream gurgling round the bend
Falling of ledge, smoothened boulders polished of millennial wedge

56) Yield! then set to decimate across thirsty browning vales
The muddy deposit post recess, food & lea in excess
Lush of the green broken in between, forgotten animosities of yore
Burden by work the hands at work & threshers so gather, why art thou?
Farmer Jack squinted & in his peaceful smile, the hores of a distant land

57) At it’s zenith the sun shone bright, bluey white, shimmering sweet
Glint of greenish black coat, the bumblebee honed at a distant hedge
Honeybees hovered over suckle thorn & the wasp in it’s lonesome flight
Faint fresh blooms amongst city fumes, a pom struts in an August sprite
The fool on his jaunty walk utters, honey this city’s buzz, nectar of the gods

58) On this side of Eden here a place ‘here nothing happens & if happenstance
Sour sweet lemony, suckle lavender lazed on their purple beds, sways by summer ‘lance
Here happens & if happenstance, ‘ordy ow could it ‘appen, it ‘appened by chance
Tabby in her ‘lazed wisdom purrs, ‘ere ‘here happens ‘ove in the ‘ark

There was a garden once in which we were found laughing.

59) Clarity of her tapestry leapt, carving out of mists swiftly stole
In relief of ever searching vision, hanging onto fleeting hues of fife
In mind’s eye devolved memories & footsteps retraced of seasons passed
It had rained through the night & to thirsty tholed

60) Boldness stalked, yes strut of cultivated attitude so natural to growth
Lethargy a distant premise, challenges of past & present provoked
Man, amidst August’s noon, hydrants from natural springs that ran below
Sweat of our labour, salt crusted & effervescence of games we played (ploughed)

61) Jaunty studied swaggers, assured inheritors of things to come
Wander through mid summer alleys, blocks divisive across arterial lanes
And amongst let fly a slang or two, cummulating dialogue in inclusion of those akin
Cheese & onion chips, ginger pop the middle aged shopkeeper we knew
What care ye, Nana, Nana, this corner of the street car named desire drove.

62) Roiling winter’s shroud & herein fall, with a hint of night stolen chill
Seduction of this warmth to browning parks & manicured courts yet play
Herein cuitled a ball into flight, an arc or loop striking the basket hoop
Abandon me not so soon w’ere ye to go, such fleeting footsteps thou arrived
Enchiridia of this season in an elliptical orbit, earth swung on it’s way

63) Imprints traveled across time & matter locked in an orbit bound
Illumed in the gathering of fractions, the helium star around gathered which
Circumambulating so divined, delimiting night laith disobey
During day her swells onto freckled beaches cast, evoluting Earth’s privy paved

64) Roiling clouds thus seeded grey eviscerated out of her sinuous wombs
Traversing unto heavens thereon blinking stars watched them by
And full moon’s refracted smile tugged at her invisible strings
Summer set & winter’s variegated entrails in time afresh
Tumultuous broth of tumescent self ebbed & flowed in epileptic tides

65) Stifling days bore & fleeting twilight yielding to the mercurial soon
Mates to tavern door the keeper of winsome smile, hansom sums awaits
In animated dialogues of discourse, a somnific cup or two by this portly side
Oft pitched sommelier rounds, raise ye this toast & long differ into the night.

66) Blaze of the noon a denial bestilled, vagarious mates to dine
Energy fields set by the gaelic Aeyrn in his galactic fleet set aloof
Gently felt the wind flow, a draft slide solemn thru warmth of summer breeze Hurtling deep into a worm hole, the craftship cosmic solar flare engulfed
Leaning back & against, the laptop’s monitor affixed, gulped in a breathe or two

67) Peacekeeping wars oft destruction, our constellation shall protect to fight
Arms to arms men & distinguished guests unto spaceship anon
Clash of good v/s evil on this mission & Aearth need be saved
2012 set to date wherein mag field shift, fantasize on cataclysmic movies adrift
Thus in this summer’s vane slid & into comforting cushions of the deep

68) Once again the city’s myriad panels pulsed & vasculated mell
Gesticulating her teeming greens red blue wanton fresh, neon lit
Glitter of the teeming street drawn before enteric summer’s closed
Froth of the season’s best legging to an endarchous fall

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Winter Vision. The Revival

138) Unfurled from coils of desultorius ether & tendrils of shaman’s charms
Stretching out towards nocturnal chimes, languor of epiphanies greet
A dazed vision of newborn tears, kaleidoscopic instinct chill
Left to smile or cry & if to the fears of fugitive ‘ill mercy arrive.

139) Chosen one, unspoken words hung dry & watchful eyes peer
In the mind’s mute vision swirl kinships of power, pelf, desires unfulfilled
Out further arms snake for one whose love brought forth & one who sired
Recognition in his time shall sharpen & gaze converse with the sky

Oft ye to lead, what welled up from within may have rained onto thoughts


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Winter Escapades (106-132)

106) Art thou thread on a cushion of clouds fleeting by
Inasmuch thunder rain storm & snow at thy footsteps shy
Perfumed in essence of his breath thus a lover be took
Grace of his haven bubbling across the dale his emotions brook

107) And thus he stole in the curls of her belomancical verse
Beats of his heart spoke of conjugals ought pumping blood
He lay on mattresses crimson sheets of tallied brine
An ermine future, miniscus of a belial hovered sly

108) Permutations of nuances his welled wanderings wreath
Talons of his fingers into pillows innocuous digging deep
In tumescence submitting to his wreathings curled across
Distorted embroidered birds of his heaven fleet

109) Time stands still or wanders of it’s own ecumenical accord
Parabolic invectives drawn out to a scurrying mind’s tumult
Parables of love as uninteresting as tumors tremor forth
Chatter of the rings inpersonam, will humour pathos, an empathy betroth

110) So shall & so shall not in an endorphinous opiate
An endophora of past temptations enculturate the current course
Empyrean of self will it be forever his didatic fate
A verse arrives in enunciation of mnemonic discourse

111) Time again intervenes hunger of needy self ululate
Prowl of wintry desires succumbed in a tavern’s rush
Cheers raised to the hall’s anointed theme raise a toast
The new year’s arrival at bar gallic poesy flackt

112) Given up on undulating night in languid pose repose
The TV plays on it’s allure, temptations long repeat
Rays of globulous moon in an apraxial orbit taciturn
An argent mix seeded into clouds tumbling over each
The eyes droop & mind stills, a book on the floor lifelessly sleeps

113) Lush, sensuous tempestuous her unsatiated desires
An arabesque of serpentine twists untamed unspent
Satire of her longings budded in the author’s prose
The eyes droop & mind stills, the book on the floor lifelessly falls asleep

114) Homonyms agrazed in summary of what read ort described
Striding through her epicurean life distilled from her diaphanous wants
An imagery of sequenced episodes impetuousness seduced
Yet to finish the last chapter, ephebe this summation occlude

115) Atlast it’s come, with the moon at it’s zenith, with the sunrise,
With a strike of the church bell, with a tick of a clock
With greetings from friendships long known, with acquaintances forgot
Binary digits in an arithmetic progression, geometry of heaven drawn

116) Muddied feet a long way home & ‘en quite
Sludge & slurry enamored of ‘ome & hearth
Plumage of ‘inter ‘ears teeming mulch askew
Trudge along this present held, a poem bequeath (anew?)

117) Conjoin & in that urbane flame commute
Themeing, lurch tumulous breaths purged & wine
Rummage of what was ‘nown fore & in now divine
Singe or sundered, tempered pulse ‘ay delight

118) Pheromones swirl in essence of words uttered dealt
They scald & laminate unto nano tubules in a tethered surge
Impulses career thro pneumonic flight ‘eel body entwined
Meandering through emptiness of thou, thou left behind

119) Zest of tomorrow lost in thoughts of you.
Nay or aye be bother wherein thy garden sow
Pledge of yonder reprieve or in demonstration reprove
The Lilly to the rose, crimson nethers of my garden hue

120) Sweet nothings murmured many a times.
Across valley, across dale across the pale.
Life’s blood course through temples while.
Where art thou? On Twitter smiles.

121) Ergo, I plead that I did wander here again
Stole causes off drinks freely bought
Drunk deep from the held chalice eternal wine
And dwelved in fantasies never fulfilled & in blindness sought

122) Twelve flagons may not quench verdant thirst of raven rhymes
Cain tryst of an outcome, destiny’s raging carnal desires
Eden betrayed entourage of knowledge weighs
Hold back wisdom careered through the maven mist

Be gone Be gone,

What gain shall arrive to those bid goodbye

123) Am I to be faulted for the remembrance of the first deadly sin
Created in me lust, possession, fecund nature’s nocturnal reams
Lush silken threads of her folliating hormones explode
Perfumed haven of her garden thrives

124) Focaccia in the morning with thee break
Eggs cheese coffee, juice of nectarine orange slake
The day may pass to the pen enamored demute
For in the twilight of words withdrawn, phallacious love impaled

The chimera rode intriguing ravenous

125) Virtues waft in throes of the poet’s engrossed betrayals
Conjoining redemptions of self in linear paths remised
Crossroads of faith forgone in the endeavors of time
Lo! Valleys & vales aft thrumming in the desert breeze

126) Just a feeling of having seen someone before, was a mirage
Drunk deep from the pith, Juice of the cacti quenched
Having quenched, moved back into myriad hue of dunes
Shade & shadows playing nectral game conserved

127) Having wandered so far & about, let me wander some more
Where a desert beckons, where errin’ mountain forbade
And if ‘here travel afar, never to return again
Wander he said, for it was my home

128) Painting words with these dripping hands
Yet to realize in visuality the poetry of volition innate
The bird yet may roam free bound to none
The sky but a dome of it’s breath full reach

129) When the tapestry was first woven, One word woven encrypted
Thus gathering clouds a sign to come, spent signs of fall
Would on such a tapestry lie & think of the rain
The desert flower may yet bloom, withdrawn winter’s chill engulfed,

The rhyton tilted upside down Bms

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Poem for the season Winter Arrives (53-105)

53) An awning drawn across in brilliance worn
I looked to faces fresh pretty in beauteous old
But none could draw so fine a verbiage amiss
Oh my! The heart beats n’ooer flutter torn

54) Weaving tapestries of thee & me doodle my mind’s eye
Imprest opon myself of Everglades ‘here thoroughbreds thunder nigh
Leash thenselves to work & consoling schedule loop
Largesse of ‘erring pen looks down a’ ‘hall time fly

55) Weaving tapestries of thee & me doodle my mind’s eye
Imprest opon myself of Everglades ‘here thoroughbreds thunder nigh
Leash thenselves to work & consoling schedule loop
Largesse of ‘erring pen looks down a’ ‘hall time fly (appraise?)

56) Biting bare chill earth’s ire in winter’s wells
Deep with in sought warmth from heaven’s heaving swells
A blanket drawn across the timber lithe limbs necking nape
Thoughts flit in a retinal glaze, hark that distance vile

57) Let that poet’s poesy let hold of thee inured
Threading through realms of ether bourne aglide
Cacophonous voices lead, an embryonic warmth caress
A smile twitches by, melting heart wordless claim reach thy goal

58) And verdun frost were to bite so deep & thole
Of an absence spoken, grayness of an overcast sky tenant
Neither here nor ‘here, ‘herein utter a tinseled plight
Inner answers endear ‘erein fleeting moments arrive

59) A snowman milky with a bowler hat, black bead & a stick
Stood in silence, a smile pasted for what were his lips
Children round & round the merry go round dawdled alite
It was time for dinner broth of chicken, baked bread, cheese & wine

60) Leaves fly by subject to change & rendered verse
Mutant night in seasons ghoulish charmth turns
A pot of tea & a book of myriad twists for company
As Christmas drawn near & a time to reflect on year gone by

61) Begat! There was that time ‘ere! Where in here my toes twinkled about
Feathery touches of transistent love whereabouts
In clubs of culinary ‘elight & ‘ines of mixed might
Setting foot on the vivacious dance floor & ‘inkle toot

62) Fuming at laggard delays of net & power dime
Churning mails of unread correspondence passing time
Tinkle of the bell calling out to a SMS or an email sent
An idle mood wanders & I let carry steam of it’s creation thus

63) Thus thou draw distant & in mute’s haven tweet
Birds of one feather have flown to fertility of erogenous womb
Feeding of monsoon’s titillating morsels that crawl out of slush
On the windows patter, to a wind’s howl flakes of golden fleece

64) Heaving similitudes washed ashore unto this page retreat
Partake in fest of worldly beat, weaving through traffic attrite
Trudging through the wake, where busy shoppers weld
And in malls strut well shod, shoddy, snod & the drakes

65) Crisscrossing in & out, to an aplite inn adorned
Across the floor, heavy beats from the jukebox plays a treat
Thereon a songstress croons, of sirens tenured on rocky cliffs
Nogging sailors din & drive, dimming smoke replete

66) Ye of the season in mercy of the lamb, at an altar sacrificed
Amongst stalking wolves, red eyed rabbit in ourie winter clime
Cherubs, angels, sentinels dusted off their pristine veld
In Michelangelo’s pode to the sermon divine will be held

67) Plie` of worship this peel, practicing priests digressed
Bonuses disbursed, apopemptic year’s laboured sweat
Jubilant hawkers plod branded aromatic incense aloud
So set for hoary month, festivities brimming peak avon
Divinity must have smiled at perfection that may, yet to come

68) Thinker tinker tailor, an old rhyme cradled unawares
The jumble of mine, in whose pumping bosoms entertain
Yet set out to the doors of thy kingdom come
In the meantime, the eloign of elegy exclaims, thy will be done.

69) Yonder November fading fall twain a fresh palate groot
Of greys whites twinges of green astride, singeing ice depot
On north’s pole three wintry lesions arise, coveting air thus to ride
Veiled volleys of clouds swathe the land ingressed

70) Weather stations in hubris spire, satellites bound orbit derive
Creation’s earthy table, of an harvest in spring alive
Graven anchors cull on TV, tomorrows weather news presenile
Deep in Atlantic crevice, a single grain yet will price
If Pacific were to pell, tealing spiral of mushrooms quelled.

71) Shrieking banshees, fjords lagoons across sounds quietly lurch
Perma frost will quench, what grizzly left unsquelched
Shrubs harried of stoma willed stoss, soon suffocate & die
What she devours will seed embryonic in spring’s sprithely hive

72) Nature curries to nourish, entombed in her lavish mavin womb
Fear not her children, lathe of hill stations ski on her loom
In arctic’s plinth a tiger prowls, Mom! Will he eat Teddy, young Jovanna howls
No dear, she replies praise be to him, lion & lamb together tithe

73) The pariah of ill logic aside, kindred souls sing the Lord’s pride,
To lost souls in Christmas spirits hover over hymn
Elders of ould wakeful in sleep, trudge the soil we in deem
Deliverance of that left behind & wait for the coming.

74) Further aroused, breaking poem or provide, meek shall inherit lor’
Elk & moose leapt to crow’s caw & Dorky the Panther’s shriek
An attack regressed, baldy the vulture soon recessed,
Sam the eagle’s swoop mickey mouse vamoosed, dear oh!
Dear Addressed

75) The owl’s glare, thus Beady falcon surmised.
In my flighty imagination frightful, most imprecise.
Regret in spirit of the season, in a city without any reason
Sparrows twitter Oui, gentlemen club lyre glitter aye
Acting on an unknown impulse, set out to carouse

76) On the ‘ouse, my mates as in the old their traits
‘Over watchful copper Hay! Bertie’s Wodehousian fantasy in disarray
My car, my tome to the near future drawn in dire straits
Regret were I ‘eel, levy a fine to a visage withdrawn
Were I to listen to the lord of logic safe, home sweet home

77) Profound permutations ergot, with sense of pride
Set out on journey, three kingdoms wide
In the kingdom of one, thrush on a fence’s blend
To the parrot, plumage of the peacock befriend

78) In the kingdom of two wielded wily fox a lion’s growl
A lonesome shepherd thistled the flock around
Panic, fear, tinseled with what may yet to come
Parried fear with flight, terrier lept to his master’s cleft

79) Tumbled into the kingdom of three, on a high throne decree
Ere’ not plumage of parrot sake, terrier his master’s heft
Empathy of the wise wield, justice & kind advice
Urge of the freedom mien, In the valley of lambs ingrained

80) Jumped out of bed, a dream ensnared, Oh! Lord, the dawn arranged Mist of the rolling hills roiled to heal & provoke
Peace be unto the season, to myself a prayer evoke
In the kitchen’s warmth, in glow of the flame whistled along

81) Tangibles of this life will time heal so that it may
In the valley of flowers culled, stilled bloom, chill stripped unaware
Petunia, begonia, lavender the red rose, in nature’s intended sleep
Shakespeare tempestuous eddy in Caliban poesy peak

82) King Lear weathered beem, wandered afar into kent
Age beaten, wilting sanity thread of hope deceit
Pr’ythee of Caliban’s plea, in Camelot’s theateralia
Encountering gale & ryme, shiver I put it off, will in time will meet

83) Refractions of light & shadow, eddy & ebb cast
The BBC for company, switch channel switch recast
Will IPTV or Google news cast away this eerie spell
Good Lord! was in Cubbon Park, wandered a ten year old
King Lear for company, the Macmillian odyssey a sootsayer bejwelled

84) He came out of the bamboo groove, a gothic church nature made…
Accosting me would the sadhu, my future read, for a penny bade
Ho! Hum! Leave the dreamer alone, for free
Will marry twice, by two stone & two shall be dead

85) Reaper of the frost grew faint in orb’s elongated latitude
Atlantis levies paid swung away herrings pressure bowl
From the tumultuous seas rose the dervishes of dark
Bringing rain & hail settling for the reaper’s fury garbed

86) Engulfed in hue of earth bound maritime bristling goodbye
Moby in search of food too swung, in Caledonian steaming water thrive
Milling gulls of Moby’s guild siring of the quickening spilled
Pounding lanes & road, ferocious threnode unsettled

87) Cherries & blossoms reduced, merchants of Venice well produced
Lace, stocks & leggings baby leather well manicured
Melaka’s cinnamon ermine, Guangdong vast churning stitch,
Roost & cockerel sorted by the pound, pitching turkeys preening mounds

88) In Himalayan upper reaches careering traffic in a winding halt
Shindigs of market yards perfumed season wasted torts
It was time to bid goodbye, sunflower, the royal orchid, moghra fior
Kangris in Delhi’s veld, nursing Theresa of Czech in heaven ports

89) With bouquet, stalk to her door,but yet unsure what gift would be. Young Tom mewed across the lane out in the cold, home & hearth
Tabby on flowery cushions blinks, Mistress at the fireplace yields. Daddy oh Daddy! Tom mewed over the fire,in the cauldron stewed.

90) Trawling through the city commercial street,website of eBay my sweet.
Vendor goods on shelves stocked,hot products for his love unlock
Through daily newspapers purred & piggy bank uncorked.
Scheming full moon at young Tommy it’s beaming gleam.
So young Tommy set out to shop his lover a winsome bream

91) In the valley of golden bough, white sheet of winter’s slough.
Warming currents of summer’s blight, a deliverance in ere dere
But yet warmth of the hearth fire sledging on, an encrusted dell eire. T’was time for Tom too woo, fere egret eyne fere egress.

92) Thus Tom set out grief of thrift, hoosh of steaming bliss.
Peak holiday tempora mutantur, nos et mutantur in illis.
Suppliant allured, psychedelia of advertising infused.
Engrossed songs of love glitz, of malls suffused.

93) Polka, Foxtrot, Elvis the pelvis encore, Diamond’s throaty oft.
Rows upon rows, stars inlaid, golden crest of brands embossed
Rosy cheek at the cashier’s an Early Christmas to Tom’s delight.
Eyes glazed dance of storks emblazed, Tom dug into his pockets eft.

94) Entropy of whirls rose from frigid lakes atoll
Ptolemy dwindling legions keep, And unto Caesar peace be swift
He loved thee loved thee not mulling penguins trove
Judas Iscariot treacherously rove, unto Augustus peace be thou

95) Gifts of good tidings, postcards, pitch cards merlyn pike
All the entropy of emotions chilling breath incite
The sermon of the Patriarchs in Camelot, wierdun her dance enlact
Honey of the bees, sugary plums munching lot protract

96) Drawn out cheque leaves, barren trees stripped bare & awl
Winging unicorn in home to charity of the aged
Thanksgiving has passed by, accounting is for miserly nive
Geranium Clarkie her white wizened self partook
Priests of the brotherhood faxed, in letters stood the willing toll

97) In a Grotto of her roamed an apparition piety’s dear child
Muted in her love, amongst icicles protect, sequester aqua tholed
Sentinels of sepulchral shroud, time pure & memories of birth shine
Wherein first grain flowed, sown from pores that heaven triste

98) Storm thunder hail, sleet & rain, thy vectors inundate
Driven winds, crush bareback & bone, morbid furies rush
Unsighted diencephalon, hopes withdrawing will prelude
And yet find deep inside mercy’s tender (f)lute

99) Fun ‘n frolic limmer, hymns of midnight mass to an arrival yearn
Fortnight & four, psalms to a year past meandering, forlorn spent
Trouble stole it’s vaulted font, an economy of deficits defined
Tendrils of spent over spinning selves, budgets in austerity wont

100) May all this pass, looking to guidance of a better spend
Gifts to kith & kin to carry, cheers hoary Christmas & new year’s blend
In solace of sermons Orb, a better future pray.
And that may soon come to pass, greeting to a season made merry!

101) On dromedorians caravan of Armoria, tracing ancient steps
Signs enshrined breeze of glomming desert mimed
In bearing miraculous piety, glomerulus tubule denied
Gently flay gently, hurried they in emptiness caudex sway
Guided by the epochal sky lead by trinity of stars

102) Wine set, crystal glasses lay, forks & knives, not so sharp enough to slice
Spilled blood, held the cup, chalice of the shepherd longevity’s mead
Plates with vines & trellis painted, Grapes sweet nectar, honey baptized
At the dinner table, thanksgiving to the last supper will be read

103) December teetering chill over edge an icy precipice
Thalami juggled bells & spirits bourne, Santa on his sleigh
Et tu Yahweh, whispered in the gathering held askance.
Resurrect as (once) before, Danaiel in his cave but smiled.

104) Gossamer of diaphanouating sheet in an arboreal canopy flaked
Weightless dribbles upon my doorstep unto roof & windows caked
Entombed actuated in whitening shroud my breathe a stream
When the dawn came, shrouded yet digging deep & shoveled away

105) Drawn close & yearn, thistle stubs looking up in mercy wilt
Chimney thunders on crackling fire & a kettle over hilt
So shall set about an earn to my ligatured soul tethered awhile
Ecthlipsises escape in a tandem ‘erse, ‘he ‘ew year’s ‘esolute

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Poem for the season Winter Arrives (41-52)

41) Metaphoraxia an euphemism when supply exceeds demand
I watch ads & interest with league of beleaguered follow
Thermionic shopping streets hustle & an impasse of an online world
The credit card, reminders of which yet to come at hand

42) It’s that credit card, what changed the world for the better, to my friends
Inasmuch created ready markets, steady counters & discount sales
If counting pennies was my forte, choir my parent lode
The master of a barbed whisper utters twinkle, twinkle little stars

43) The chatterer of voired parody, anti-pheromonal to the core
What ye! But an encrier of cold morals bred at birth
This ever changing world experimentation of which wisdom ought
‘His parody is but the wisdom of times culled, the chatterer rebounds

44) Ennui! Just Ennui, Sunday pensive reflections on workday dime
Dividends be better this annuls & expenses keep in touch
Mongers of better future, this credit card of mine allons
T’is to the city, meandering through the primal stores

45) But I feel lost & the festooned spirit yet to pulverize
My wallet does feel heavier, happier would I be if t’were a little lit
Into that old coffee house, pearls of wisdom, due souls amiss
It’s a long way from college lai, cigarette smoke into cavern cult

46) Where have all of them gone?, ask of oneself bemused
Haunts of jocular antrum, pelmet of grins curtain
Ideal, egoistic, leader of men, I better then thee, fifteen minutes worth fame. Were they all here, amongst ere comely brood an allusion held

47) Season mate! Hi gov, good afternoon, people do hurry past
What happened to cheers, stoles northern chill never could outpost
Jingle, jingle rustle bustle, hustle hoot, hug & hoist Ho! Ho! Hiya Hum
Gimme a break, this wry self aloof, It’s yet too early to toot.

48) Drifting away to sleep in the entrails of jagged deep
Drapery of summer gale, withdrawn in the mottled windy pail
Boisterous tavernas of grecien aisle falling, Hush!
Hush! Of the golden horn, three ragged chimes adorn

49) In Jerusalem’s old quarters, mangers come to atone
Recall golden orb’s stringy rinds, capers in winter’s chewy bowl
Stubbed blue windows shut, scarved widows in lacy shawls tryst
Will then break bread, cheese & wine where trinity met

50) Yet try to sleep, Barnabas on his journey readied
Jonas after the erring, ale what Joshua in southern keep
Kalamari, facil, rembetika, eddy in thy fiery twills
Overheard lonesome cricket’s last call, the owl hoot in it’s interred mill

51) On Gulmarg’s rolling slopes, inured ski instructors plowed
Straths intrude, where Mary dwells & introit bells in spire peal
In service down below, Connolly on that ancient knoll avowed
But late he arrived to thirty feet instep, threadbare was his life poil

52) So all things forgiving, will matters rest between mice & men
Turning to my side, too in those arms of eternity hope to dwell
As the moon in an ordained flight, casting shadows in hues of grey
Theft of my fears I reflect, who stole them away.

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